"You have been my right hand during a very difficult time."


Thank you so much for your great work with my mom. After dad passed I know she was feeling overwhelmed with all of the financial accounts and other matters. Your assistance in getting her organized has greatly eased her mind as she goes forward. My brother and I also appreciate the book you put together. It is a great reference for us to have all of that information in one place! I will be sure to recommend your services to others in similar situations."
"Thank you again, Alice, for all of your help. It turned out to be a really smooth process in no small part because you were there to keep us organized."

"The phrase 'professional life-saver' describes Alice who over-and-over again performed organizational CPR for me, a new widower, mired in the midst of selling, deaccessioning and moving out of my home of over four decades."

"Alice offers a rare and much needed combination of professional expertise and personal compassion. She guided us through the entire process. Alice knew what needed to be done and how to accomplish it, yet was completely in touch about the emotional turmoil that came with each task. "